Medical and Telecom Staffing

Connecting Employers And Professionals

Medical Staffing Services

KBK Software Solutions Pvt.Ltd staffing services help organizations meet their IT manpower requirements, without having to worry about the nitty-gritties of the recruitment process.

We understand that hiring the right resource with appropriate technology skills can make all the difference to your projects. That’s why we insist on a stringent selection process which ensures that only the right candidate gets to fill the gap in your projects.

Our team’s deep understanding of technology, combined with our resourcing methodology provide you the peace of mind even in rapidly fluctuating staffing needs. It means- you can easily ramp up resources to meet changing workload demands, without having to shoulder the burdens of recruitment.

Connecting Employers And Professionals

Telecom Staffing Services

We are one of the prominent Telecom Recruitment Agencies committed to understanding the various skills and identifying the talented individuals that the modern telecom industry needs. With years of experience in associating the best telecommunications talent with a viable and growing employer, we can help your business, from skilled and hard-to-find technicians to C-level telecommunications engineers and executives.
Our recruiting team consistently delivers top candidates for the wide range of roles in the cloud and information security industries. We have flexible options for growing startups, large enterprises and everything in between. For professionals looking for the next career move, we can help with that too
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See the steps below we follow for recruitment


Whether you are in need of highly qualified technology professionals on a contract or permanent position, our IT staffing team helps
you find talented individuals who not only have the right technology skills but also rightly fit your organization.

Requirement Evaluation

Our recruitment process starts with understanding client requirement, culture and preferences.
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Candidate Search

Our team scans hundreds of resumes & interacts with candidates before shortlisting for the screening process.
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Candidate Assessment

The most important idea is to understand the candidate's motivation for making a change.
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Client Interview

Recruitment process starts with understanding client needs, culture and preferences to ensure the right fit.
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Offer Letter

The offer letter must include job title, responsibilities, salary & benefits, to protect both clients & candidates.
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Our commitment is to ensure a smooth on-boarding process and employer satisfaction.
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